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Our "taxi" from Chetumal to Caye Caulker

The harbour at San Pedro

The island's main transportation

Thom & Kiara, the coatimundi

Mmm...tropical breakfast for two

The Split: "A sunny place for shady people"

The bar...oh, and the Split behind it :)

Hey folks!

Yesterday morning we left Playa del Carmen by bus to Chetumal- a port town where we could catch a water taxi to the Belizian islands. These taxis probably hold a maximum of 40 people and are driven by a set of outboard motors, depending on how the captain feels we are doing, he rearranges where people sit during the trip to keep the boat balanced. The water taxis took about 3 hours to get us to our island after a quick stop on San Pedro, to clear customs. On the beach beside the harbour we ran into a Rasta who introduced us to his pet coatimundi named Kiara, and kindly let her sit on Thom's head. Check out what a coatimundi is here

Belize is a really relaxed country, more like the Caribbean than Central America in character, and Caye Caulker is even more so than the mainland. The motto on this island is "Go Slow", and it is one that the locals take very seriously; to the point where if one sees you walking too fast they might yell out "Hey Rasta, What da hurry bro?". Caye Caulker is all about reggae music, seafood (mmmmmm... lobster), snorkeling on the reef and rum punch. Every shop is blasting Bob Marley tunes and the happy hour lasts 'til everyone's happy (a direct quote from a local bartender)!

When we arrived on the island, a mass of taxi drivers boasting souped-up golf carts -the only mode of transportation apart from bicycles or feet- met us at the docks to offer us rides to the hotel. The thing is, the island is only a kilometer across, so we elected to walk. The group of us ate at a fantastic little place on the beach that grilled up lobster and sundry other seafood caught that day... the food is so good here I'm not sure we ever want to leave!

After the meal we sauntered down to the I&I Reggae bar, which boasts a rooftop treehouse setting where you can sit on swings, recline in a hammock and see the ocean surrounding the whole island.

Breakfast this morning was also notable, as the banana pancakes were unbelievable along with two tall glasses of tropical fruit smoothies for the honeymooners.

So today we're just 'going slow,' appreciating the island's vibe and charm, though we might catch the 5 o'clock all-the-rum-punches-you-can-drink sunset sailing cruise...! I think tomorrow we'll check out the great snorkeling along the huge reef running parallel to the island that everyone's been raving about.

That's all for now! Peace and One Love from T&M

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