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We were excited to return to New York for our third visit in the past twelve months. We had a wonderful time with Puneet, Komal and Anya in the fall of 2010, arriving in time to help celebrate Anya’s first birthday. We said goodbye and set off for Ireland at the start of Year Five of our travels. Komal and Puneet encouraged us to return in the spring of 2011, seeing how attached we’d become to our ‘almost’ granddaughter.

We took them up on their offer of hospitality, especially when we learned that Komal had accepted a full-time job and was in the process of hiring a nanny to look after Anya. She wanted us to help give them an indication of how well she was managing to interact with their daughter and felt that with us being around for a couple of weeks, the whole family could settle into their new routine more easily. Plans were to have Puneet’s mother, Neena come from India shortly after we returned to Canada to give a helping hand as well. Everything went according to plan except for the fact that both Anil and I came down with some strange virus (complicated by high pollen and pollution levels) during our visit and we were unable to spend much time seeing the sights in Manhattan or taking Anya to the outdoor swimming pools to cool off on hot days.

For that reason, we decided to stop in New York once again as we set off on Year Six or our adventures. We decided to travel ‘from pole to pole’, starting in Iceland and working our way to southern Africa and back up to Europe during the course of the nine months we would be on the road. It was easy to work New York into our plans, the weather would be better in the fall and there would be no pollen to contend with.

Just to make matters a little exciting; a 5.8 earthquake hit Virginia the day before we flew to Newark. It was felt all the way from Toronto to Atlanta, including Manhattan of course. We felt we had dodged a bullet until we heard that Hurricane Irene was due to hit the city on the coming weekend. It was time to stock up on non-perishable food, bottled water and batteries.


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