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Corpses, corpses, corpses

We probably would have waited until later to do an update, but this first day has been fun enough to mention it.

We started by going on a stroll bee-lining for a Japanese garden. Our bus last night seemed to make BA out as one massive shanty town, but on our walk we couldn't find these anywhere. Instead we were met by park upon park of lovely green rolling paths, filled with joggers, people on roller blades, dog walkers and all those nice things. We even found some out door gyms, the ones you use your own body as weights, pull up bars and so on, but the real amazing thing was people were actually using them!! They have the "Gatoraid track" which is a jog which stops at these gyms and gives you a routine exercise. Wish we had these.

So, onwards to our Japanese Garden. Again, just more pleasant times, including fish feeding and tree watching (not hugging).

Our next stop was a big surprise. We had planned to go to the cemetery where Eva Peron (Evita) was (finally) laid to rest. What we didn't expect was the biggest show case of tombs (and probably corpses) ever. Many, many rows, alley ways and shelves of tombs, catacombs, boxes and wall holes of coffins. The word of the day was "corpse" as it was brutally morbid. The majority were on show like a giant gallery and all were held by lock and chain. Lock? What do they think they get up to? We could only guess, but we believe the 1000's of on site guardians (cats) knew what to do when the time comes. Amongst the army of the dead we found Evas tomb. Considering the majority of the tombs, Eva's was very simple and probably shared with about 5-10 other people. *Shudders*

Afterwards we found a nice craft market selling all the goods to be expected in a market. A nice finish for the day. If BA can produce more days like this, then we will recommend this highly from all the places we have visited.

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