The Malyon's Trip to California 2011 travel blog

Arriving at Knotts Berry - after breakfast

This was the second ride we did - bad choice


Trying to keep our breakfast down

We thought Grandad Graham would like this

Good old fashioned dodge'ums



Just about to 'depart'............

and go 301ft in the air!

Last ride of the day - phew!

Our first day of 'theme parking' was spent at Knotts Berry Farm - a place notoriously good for its roller coasters.

Slightly worried about the prospect, we went into the idea of hair raising rollercaosters with gusto and enthusiasm - only thing was, we probably should have let our brekkie go down first.

Thankfully, there were lots of gentler rides intermittent with various shows that celebrated the gold mining, sheriff shooting past,

the Peanuts gang and random tricks performed by some really talented professional bmx-ers, scooter -ers, freestyle gymnasts and rollerbladers.

After our recovery, (approx 5 hours later), we managed to pluck up some courage to do some of the highest and scariest rides.

Thankfully we survived and our feet are well on the way to being worn out. Only one more day to go before the beach - Disney, here we come, yay!!

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