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Yep we have oodles of the stuff! its amazing i have never seen anything like it!

we had our first snowboarding lesson yesterday, it was hilarious! Emma of course is a complete natural (or she thinks she is!), Natalie has perfected the 'superman' dive head first into the snow, and my arse is extremely bruised from my constant wimping out and just sitting down everytime i started going too quickly.

the best bit of the lesson was by far the end bit where our instructor marched us up to the top of the hill and then let us go down on our bums on our boards, like a sled! it was brilliant...nat went the furthest by far...emma and i put our feet out and ate a load of snow but natalie ended up in the car park because she refused to stop!

this morning we all woke up crying in pain from aching muscles we didnt even know we had. but we wont let it get the better of us, we going to keep at it.

i had a lesson with our other roomie today and she taught me how to stop without sitting down....brilliant

still reckon skiing would be easier though, so the next entry might be a similar tale but i would have had skis attached to my feet rather than a stupid snow board.

lots of love and shivers from a very cold mountain

Vik , Emma & Nats x x x

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