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Our campsite on the bluff

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An old friend

Better friends, Ella & Bobbie

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Our rock!!

Sunset on the lake

Where's my kayak???

Quiet before the storm


Piseco, NY – Point Comfort State Park

Piseco at last!! For those of you who know this little campground in the heart of the Adirondacks, you know how happy I was to get here! The lake is as beautiful as it was many years ago, and the campground virtually unchanged in many ways since I last saw it. We have a site with an amazing lake view, and after taking many walks around the park, Rich and I have spent a lot of time sitting on the bench overlooking the lake, watching the activity here. It’s been quiet as there haven’t been many campers during the week, but now that Friday has arrived…you guessed it….the WEEKENDERS are here!!! LOL LOL jk, Debby Actually, we have neighbors with a cute seven yo boy who rides by our site asking Rich (every time!) “You doin’ OK?....Your camper doin’ OK?” So funny!

We had planned to stay through Saturday then head south to Verona, NY close to some family and friends there. However, this afternoon the park attendant came around to tell everyone that they have orders to close the campground tomorrow at noon due to hurricane Irene. WHAT!!!!! We’re in upstate NY for Pete’s sake…not in Florida – not in the Carolina’s – not even in New England anymore. We couldn’t believe it – getting kicked out because of a hurricane that we thought was well out to sea. Oh, well, looks like we are homeless again and will probably head toward Rome and stay with a friend or our sister-in-law…who has room for a big truck and camper?? We can’t get into the Verona campground until Sunday….Walmart here we come

At least we’re going to enjoy this spot until they give us the boot tomorrow. The sun is out, big white puffy clouds are drifting down the lake, there’s a nice breeze, and the air smells of heavenly pine. I’m having fresh beans from my friend Bobbie’s garden for dinner. She and her Mom were here day before yesterday and we walked all over the place on our memory lane tour wishing you were with us, Lin!!. A great afternoon!!

Here’s hoping the hurricane is far from where you are….we’ll let you know the next time how we managed!

Hugs to all, C&R

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