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Working with the Kidong Community


Ok so have just spent an amazing week at the Satellite Camp - this was basically living out in a rural community helping a group of ex-poachers to develop an alternative livelihood. I have never been so dusty and dirty in my life but it was a fantastic week. The people were so friendly and worked so hard to try to change the way they live. They had developed a small selection of local products which they plan to try to market to tourists such as locally made soap and postcards - so we spent time with them to tidy them up, make cases for the soap and for a game they had created. We also generally helped tidy up the area, participated in roof making and identified and labelled alot of local trees (37 different species of trees/shrubs) - some of the guys tidied up the sign posts and made one with major cities on it - we did some bird surveys, listened to local information and generally helped to tidy up and improve the place. It was just an awesome week. The week flew by!

Going over to the Island today to spend the last 2 weeks of GVI doing Marine based research and surveys which should be really good :) xxx

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