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A noname lake in the middle of barren desert.

The house on the back of a tow truck. 1st in 9,000...

Lake Mead from a distance.

The new approach to the new bridge over the Colorado River.

The bridge, cannot see much for high walls.

Were back.

Coming back across the bridge.

Views from below.

Thats some tall columns.

The arched portion from upclose.

Views from the South side of the dam.


The dam and bridge together.


Okay, here's the scoop for the last 2 days.


We got up early and decided we would push a little today and just buzz through Vegas. We don't gamble and have been here many times. What we didn't know is that it was the hottest day of the year for Vegas. We made it through town and just as we got outside Henderson...the Motorhome died. We knew it vapor locked. It was just too hot to cool down. We gave it a hour or so and called AAA for a tow. They told us it would be 45 minutes.....3 hours later and 3 phone calls later the tow truck arrived. He took it to Camping World which was closed.

So our day consisted of sitting on the freeway off ramp for 5 hours in 114 degrees. We did run the air on the generator which helped us survive. It still was tolerable just not so comfortable.

We got a hotel room which is as big as the MH. It's as cool as we want it and we can take long hot showers. Oh Yes, we each get our own bed. Room to stretch!


Camping World sent us to another place. Since the MH had cooled down overnight we could drive it over. They looked at it right away and it was fixed by 2:00 pm. New fuel and air filter. They ran tests and said we were good to go.

While waiting for the repair service we took a drive over to Hoover Dam which is only 12 miles from our Hotel. We wanted to see the new bridge they built high over the dam. We have pictures.

We are spending another night at the Hotel. The plan is to get up early and get through the desert in the morning. Hopefully we will be in Williams, AZ tomorrow night.

We are in NO hurry to get back to the heat in Phoenix. Guess we should have parked ourselves in Alaska or Washington a few more weeks. Thank goodness we have the cabin to spend some time at before heading to the 'Valley of the Sun'

Mileage: 36783

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