Jen and Ric's Itinerary travel blog

Ric going down to check out the spring

School of fish, can't remember what type

In and out shot

Jen giving the thumbs up.

Typical view

Arty shot of Jen's shadow

Angalina Jolie Fish

Red and Green Macaw

2 in flight

This guy showed up and really liked coke!!

He liked it so much he overcame all natural survival instincs to...

A giant anteater, strolling along the field, a pleasant surprise.

Whilst in Bonito we did the main attraction for people here (see title), which badly translates as "Clear water river with fish " and "Lots of Macaws".

The macaw sinkhole was quick and over priced. Only one type of macaw that day but some good shots were taken.

Armed with wetsuits, the luke warm water was crystal clear and filled with 3 or 4 different fish. We had also hired an underwater camera so we could get some fishy shots. The river had a gentle flow so no swimming was required. 2 hours of pleasant waters followed by a good lunch, all in all a good (but again very expensive) day.

To top it off, a green parrot deciede to peruse what remained of Ric's lunch, including scaling Ric to get the tasty drips from his can of coke. We are pretty sure this bird was fully wild (although it did have a ring) but he didnt bite Ric too hard.

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