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Our home town is now Madison, SD:

Well, we are official South Dakota residents! We went from living in a state that has 38 million people, to one that has a total population of 814,180 people. So, a Senator representing South Dakota has a base of people of about 407,000. A Senator in California has a base of people of about 19 million. Each vote is the same! The constitution was very well thought out! This type of representation makes this country a very cool, and fair place to live.

The vehicle registration charges here are amazing: My Ford F350 in California is $929 a year vs. $111 a year here in South Dakota. Not a typo. It's $111 a year. Insurance on the truck in California: $2200 a year vs. $900 here in South Dakota. And, there are no state income taxes here! We pay federal taxes on our retirement, no state. This state is very retiree and RV-friendly!

I was thinking yesterday (and Boy is that Rare!) about the fact that Nancy and I just completed two months of Full-Timing. We really love the lifestyle! The main thing we gave up with this life was 'Living Space'. We went from 1650 sq. feet of living space to about 357 sq. feet. But, one day the view from our 'Front Yard' is a park, then it becomes a mountain meadow, then it becomes a flowing river or stream! The one thing I would suggest for those of you considering our type of lifestyle, and its the most important thing when you live with your spouse in 357 square feet of space, and"Fart Outside". :-) (efg) (lol) :-0

We have all of the modern conveniences of a big home, but without much of the up-keep. We still have a fridge, freezer, two flat screen Tellies, movie surround sound, shower, head, heat, two AC's, king size bed (at our age it is used for sleeping :-) and, we have each other! We do miss, "Jake". GB you Jake

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