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Lifeboat #3.

With Tim on the stern.

Lots of time wasted staring at deck chairs.

Tim and me and ouzo makes three.

As the crow flies, Athens and Dubrovnik are not terribly far apart from one another. Ahhh, but in the post-war former Yugoslavian world, transport is not terribly cooperative. Thus the easiest way to get from one to the other was via Italy. Of course, I'm entirely too cheap to pay for a cabin (or a seat for that matter) so I sleep on the deck of my first overnight ferry to Bari, then tote around my 20kg pack all over Bari as there are no left luggage facilities and I have 12 hours for my next, fifteen hour overnight ferry to Patras where I connect to my four hour bus to Athens. Good fun...no wonder I sometimes actually feel my age. But on boat number one, I meet Tim from Cleveland who is in the same travel boat (pun fully intended). Well, I run into him again aboard boat ride #2 and putting our heads together, determine that the best way to wile away the hours is with beer...sweet necatr of the gods, beer. Oh yeah...and Ouzo, merely because they're selling bottles in the duty free shop, they're dirt cheap and it seemed appropriate for setting a Greek tone. Well, our strategy worked as I somehow managed to catch a few winks on my four foot long sofa in the Lido Lounge, and arrived not necessarily rested but in one piece just the same. I'm sure I'll sleep eventually...probably the next time I become sick from wearing myself out from not sleeping.

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