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My Tambo Teddy

Barry's visitor

The window cleaner!

A giant meat ant

Wyandra bras


Cockroach grave in Eulo


The birthday/farewell party was great fun. There were lots of laughs and a yummy barbecue. Everyone brought a contribution and I made the cake.

It took ages to pack up and leave Roses the next morning as everyone wanted to have another chat and addresses and phone numbers were swapped. We finally left at 11.45!

We stopped at Blackall for lunch and the original plan was to stay in the free camp there, but we decided to keep moving and went to Tambo. We checked into the caravan park for one night and went to the pub.

When we left the caravan park the next morning we finally went to the Tambo Teddy shop and I am the proud owner of a Tambo Teddy. It took a lot of soul searching to choose the right one, but I finally chose a ringer. He is complete except for his swag which I can order next week.

We then found the free camp - Stubby Point - on the Barcoo River and decided to spend another night in Tambo. Sat outside all afternoon and were visited by the 'wild' horses that roam around - one tried to get in the van with Barry, which proved to be quite entertaining for the other campers!

The next day we were lazier than normal - if that is possible - and by lunchtime decided that we were not moving and stayed for another night. We went for a walk along the Coolibah walk along the river and in to town. When we got back we chatted to our only neighbour (at that time) and he is from Sommers Bay near Murdunna! When the horse came back to visit he brought 10 of his friends too, which was lots of fun as they surrounded the car and van. One of the Pathfinder windows was well licked!

The next day we actually got organised and were on the road by 10 and I was driving! I towed the caravan all the way to Charleville, through the town and parked outside the IGA and then drove out the Evening Star and into our spot (drive through - no reversing!). We stopped at Augathella on the way and had lunch. Augathella is known for it's meat ant park and giant meat ant! Thankfully we did not see any while there.

On Sunday I cleaned the van and Barry did some repairs with a little help from Justin the station owner. In the afternoon Jusin and his daughter were practising polocross on their horses around the stored caravans, so that was interesting. They compete a lot. We spent the evening sitting around the campfire with the managers chatting.

On Monday we said our farewells and headed to Eulo. We stopped at Wyandra on the way for lunch and found many fences with loads of bras hanging on them! We have seen some interesting sites this week! The town is fundraising for breast cancer.

When we arrived in Eulo we decided to stop out the back of the Eulo Queen Hotel. The reason for going and staying there is because Barry has been reading about the Eulo Queen, so we wanted to visit the town. All power points were in use so we popped ourselves in an unpowered area, which was fine until our battery power got too low the next night - bit like being in a solid tent that night! The next morning we were able to move over to a powered site. Barry helped the owner of the pub put up his antenna and in repayment we did not have to pay for our three nights or our dinner last night so that was a good exhange.

The town of Eulo has a population of 50 - it is such a friendly place. Three weeks ago the general store (which was next to the pub) burnt down. It was built in 1880 and full of memorabilia. While the owners get sorted out the pub is selling the bread, the Eulo Queen Opal shop is the post office and a cafe up the road is selling milk, cheese, butter and fruit bread a couple of days a week. We had a lovely time in Eulo and it is on our agenda next year. We are planning to spend quite a bit of time there and will be exploring nearby opal fields.

Today we left Eulo after another visit to the opal shop. I drove to Cunnamulla where we stocked up with supplies.

We then left for Barringun on the border of Queensland and NSW, where were were planning to spend the night. We had met some other people who were also going there and they got there before us. We pulled in, took one look, stopped for a chat and then high tailed it out of there!! Too much red dust and cold wind. I took over the driving and we are now back at the Kidmans Camp in Bourke. We are planning to be here for a 'splash and dash' as we have discovered an overnight stop is called! We think we are going to Cobar tomorrow for another splash and dash. The weather is quite cool here compared with Eulo so we are having a quick aclimatise!

Over and out,

M and B xx

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