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My Home the First Three Nights

No more tent. It was near the picnic table. The storm came...

Yesterday I wrote that I wasn't sure what the most unusual event would be because the day wasn't over yet. Well, I found out in a hurry.

When I got back to my campsite last night there was the nastiest looking storm I've ever seen brewing just over the hill from my campsite. I think I had about three minutes before an unbelievable wind came blasting down the hill with thunder and lightning. I dove into my tent and within minutes it was trashed--poles mangled. I have never experienced something this ferocious and I literally got into the fetal position, covered my head with my arms and hoped for the best. I wasn't sure if it was a tornado or not. It certainly seemed to last a long time and because I was still in my tent I couldn't tell what was going on around me, but I was seriously wondering if my car and the two camping trailers on another site were still going to be there when it ended.

Eventually the wind died down (it was not a tornado) but it was still lightning like crazy so I decided I didn't want to be lying on the ground if lightning hit something so at that point I sprinted for my car and got in.

Luckily nobody was hurt at the other three campsites and, other than my tent, there was no other real damage. As I write this I'm pretty sure that I am not exaggerating anything.

I did call my mom this morning so this post doesn't scare her.

In the end, I'm the proud owner of a brand new Northface tent. By the way, this still beats working!

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