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This morning I headed out to North Dakota. I'm camping at Fort Abraham Lincoln which is where George Custer and the 7th Cavalry were stationed before riding out to Little Bighorn. I'm camping on a hill overlooking Custer's house on the base. Took a tour this afternoon. Very cool and actually a really nice house even by today's standards.

Most unusual experience today (although the day's not over yet)--Saw a rancher in South Dakota herding about 12-15 horses using his pickup truck instead of a horse. I guess that's the way modern cowboys roll.

It was actually pretty cool. I was on a deserted road and all of a sudden I saw these horses running towards me on the grass off to the side of the road. The truck was driving on the grass behind them but whenever a horse started to break off from the pack the driver would speed up alongside the horse until it went back with the herd.

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