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My back yard Sat night

Went for a great bike ride along the Missouri! I took a winding unpaved road up into the fields above the river and kicked up a doe and three fawns as well as a grouse. The view and weather were perfect.

The Lewis and Clark sites in Pierre (pronounced "peer" for those of us who didn't learn that in grade school) were all closed because of the flooding. In 1804 the Sioux were the most powerful tribe on the Plains and the Teton Sioux were hostile. The explorers were greatly outnumbered and a standoff between the two groups came to drawn weapons on both sides. Luckily cooler heads prevailed or history might have been different. Even though I couldn't see the sites directly I was in the general area along the river.

Most unusual experience of the day--spent the night camping in Lake Hiddenwood State Park near Mobridge. I am quite sure I was the only person in the entire park!!! It's aptly named because it's in the middle of nowhere and I did not see a single other person there and every other campsite was empty. Actually it was a little spooky, especially since a storm came through last night. I stayed dry in my tent but it got buffeted.

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