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Friday, August 12, 2011

I have several great photos to display, but the computer/internet gremlins are at work tonight, so you'll have to check back later to see if there is more than one photo for today.

We have no phone service anywhere near the campground, so we could not make a reservation to take the Erie Canal boat ride. When we got down there for the 1 p.m. ride, of course, all the tickets were sold, so we had to wait until the 3 p.m. tour.

We typed "museums" into the Toyota GPS just to see what would come up, and it responded "Mohawk Center for. . ." the rest of the message was off the screen. It was only 8 miles away, so we drove down, and -- here we were at Little Falls, near the lock that we would be going through on the boat later.

We found a great collection of strange little shops, and today was "Canal Heritage Days," so there was lots of interesting things to see. In a "flea market" stall dad found me a sewing aid from the 1940s, and we bought it, along with an old Betty Crocker cookbook that I remember my mom using. The man who ran the stall was really interesting, and he took us to his wife's stall -- she sells funky little things. I bought a really cute turtle, and also a "Herkimer diamond."

Long story, trying to be short. This region is famous for these quartz crystals that form in the rocks here. They are faceted naturally, and are found in nondescript rocks and stones. People come from all over to "mine" them, and we were going to go take a look at the mine (which is right across the street from our campground.) Instead, I was able to purchase one of the diamonds from this woman, at a much reduced price compared to the shop at the mine, and I didn't have the disappointing task of trying and failing to find one on my own.

Just found out that blueberries were invented in New York. Silly me, I thought they came from Maine, but no, those pesky Maine people sneaked across the border and stole the idea from New York. New York's canal system is, of course, the perfect one, let's not even talk about the canals that go from Cumberland to Georgetown, they are nothing but trash.

We cooked our last Dagswood squash for dinner tonight, so I guess it really is time to head for home. We'll go to the Poconos tomorrow, then drive into Hagerstown sometime on Sunday.

We have had fun!

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