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In the morning I went out to Alison point seeing the same brown bear that I had seen the night before. The Salmon were still present in great numbers. I went back to camp and picked up Kathy. We moved the Geo to the long term parking at the ferry terminal. Still having 3 hours before the ferry departs we head to Valdez for Kathy to get in a shopping fix and back on Alison Point to watch the brown bear catch a couple of fish. The two hour ferry ride to Cordova went by fast. The ferry we were on traveled at 40+ knots (48 Miles an Hour). We headed straight out to Childs Glacier traveling 48 mile east on the Copper River Delta, the largest wet land in the US. We watched the glacier calve into the copper River and spent the evening listening to the thunder and snap crackle pop as the glacier moves 1 to 3 feet a day. We are looking forward to being lulled to sleep tonight by its choruses.

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