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Sandy in Hip Waders and Ready to Go

Sandy getting ready to board float plane

Bear on the Move



Lots of Bears

Bear Eating its Catch

Sandy with Bear in the Background

The Homer Spit from the air

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Bear Comes up with a Salmon

Friday morning the weather is finally good enough to go on a bear viewing trip to Katmai National Park. The weather is very chilly and a cold wind is blowing so I had many layers of clothing on to keep warm. (Sorry to those of you in the Mid-West that are suffering in the sweltering heat!) Sherry wimped out on this trip so I went on my own and she followed me with The Spot Communicator.

The trip starts with getting fitted in hip waders because when you arrive in the Katmai National Park you land on a lake and then hike through some wet areas to a nearby river where the bears enjoy dining on the salmon. The bears would run and dive into the water in their attempts to catch a salmon. The younger bears many times came up with no fish but when the older bears came to the river they often times caught a salmon each time they attempted. The sea gulls would flock around a bear that caught a salmon and wait patiently for the leftovers. It was an exciting trip watching nature in action up close and in person, truly a lifetime experience.

Sherry knew by the Spot communicator when my float plane was headed back and knew I would probably be cold. When I returned to the motor home I was treated to clam chowder that Sherry had picked up from Captain Patti's restaurant. Truly a great day.

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