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Very colourfull, fed on the finest apple Brazil has to offer

We havent seen many, so we snap all we can get, this...

Giant river otter. Makes quite a squeak

Rescued manatees. They had quite a few in various enclosures, this one...

A feeling most people get whilst trying to sleep.

Well, here we are still and it seems we have exhausted all it has to offer (or at least that we can be bothered to achieve). A slight error was made on the boats behalf, it was meant to be delayed and take about 2 days longer. It seems they have been overly efficient and we have arrived 2 weeks earlier than what we had hoped.

We have been trying to get to a place in the northern part of Manaus call the Museo de Cience, but no one has heard of it nor the street name of where it is. We found some instructions and tried to follow them but the bus we needed was about 1.10 hrs later than we had hoped and it broke down half way, leaving us stranded and not feeling too good.

The next day we did manage to get to a place called The Bosque Cience (The Forest of Science) which yielded some ok photos and a more pleasant walk. We also saw for the very first time an actual animal next to its "warning - animal crossing" sign. There was a Agouti next to an agouti sign, it was too fast for our camera though. :(

For the last couple of days we have been trying to find a way either to bring our flight forward so we can see more of the pantanal, or find another way round, either by boat or bus. Well, the boats only go so far south, then there is no bus route. The buses only leave from other ports further down river and apparently these roads dont exist any more. As for flights, our "flexible" ticket would cost us over 130GPB to move it from 16th to the 11th, still not really giving us any time to go to the south pantanal.

We have finally found a solution of relieving our boredom and leaving Manaus. Tomorrow we are going to catch another boat to go 30 hours down stream to Alter-do-Chao. Our booksuggests it is very laid back and beachy, so it ticks all our boxes, which at the moment is "Leave Manaus". Hopefully in a few days we will have something interesting to report on.

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