Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

millions of years old

Ranger led tour

Petrified Red Woods

Excavation site

Wealthy women homesteaders complex

At the Wilkerson Pass over 9507 ft

On the road


Shot while driving

View from our back door

Our White River campround

Our site

The boys really liked it

Just a spec

Dinner's on

On the road toward the National Park

Approach to Hot Sulfer Springs CO

Just around the bend

Grand Lake CO

We made it!

Moose at the campground

Heading up to 2 miles high

Still snow

Continential Divide

Forgot our snow shoes

2 miles up

Breath taking...literally

Think I'm foolin?

Yellow Bellied Marmonts

Elk out our back door

Grazing at our picnic table

Hi y'all we are in Rocky Mountain National Park which is just northwest of Denver. When last I posted, we had just left the Air Force Academy. The national park was a full day and part of the next day's drive. We made a stop at the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. They have shale beds that date millions of years back and have perfect fossils showing incredible detail of small animals, insects and leaves. We headed on our way and stopped at the White River National Forest to camp and oh my! what a sight. $5 dollars right on the river and between two mountain ranges. No hookups of any kind but our rig is fully self sustaining, we even needed the heat since it went down to 39 degrees at night. We took off for the National Park and what a ride. It got prettier and prettier all the way up to the park. I used my Golden Age pass (thanks Dad) to by-pass the $20 entry fee and half price camping ($10)! We took the camper off and proceeded to drive the highest longest paved road in the country. We were 2+ miles high and just outstanding views. After dinner we went to the campfire program and learned about the Colorado river (Grand Canyon) which starts in the Rocky Mountain National Park. The pine beetle has drastically effected this park. In our campground all the trees have been taken down to avoid the risk of diseased trees falling on campers. We've seen a great deal of wildlife close up and personal. So far, mule deer, bear, and a mother moose and her two little ones. Today is a laid back get some things done day. Got the truck washed, found an Internet cafe outside the park (obviously) and taking a hike. We have some minor chores to do on the camper. Good to take a breath. Weather has been great, sunny and high in the mid 70's, afternoon showers, clearing and crisp evenings. Might be another couple of days for an update, we'll see. Enjoy the pics.

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