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The Blue Puttees ready to load 1200 passengers and 300 vehicles.

We're waiting in line to board the ferry back to Nova Scotia.

The reflection in a chrome pillar catches Divante and Gramma sleeping.

Parked in front of son Glenn's home in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Joe, Divante, Sarah, Hazel, Will, Glenn, Ron, Amanda, Kelly, and Mei

On Wednesday late afternoon, we caught the ferry to Nova Scotia at Port aux Basques. Our bunch headed right for the dining room, and feeling the obligation to have some seafood while I was floating in the ocean, ordered the stuffed cod dinner, which was delicious. Hazel, a Newfoundland native ordered chicken. Up there chicken appears to be some kind of exotic and rare food, like a pharaoh enjoying a dish of hummingbird tongues. In all our travels around the island, I never saw a chicken trying to cross the road. For one of our evening meals in the motorhome, I made chicken vegetable soup and a pound of boneless chicken breasts was about $7 bucks, twice the Minnesota price.

We all tried to get some sleep, and when our boat docked in North Sydney, Nova Scotia at 3:30 AM Maritime, I drove in the dark on a winding up and down hill road heading west, jockeying for position with all those 18 wheelers that made the ocean crossing with us. I hate that white-knuckle driving in the dark, and made a mental note to come across next time on the passage that arrived in daylight.

We stopped at a McDonalds for coffee and muffins, and continued our journey across Nova Scotia and on into New Brunswick, all beautiful country. Late in the afternoon, we arrived at the border crossing at Calais on the Maine border, and crossed over the dotted-line back into the USA. I handed over 6 passports, one birth certificate for Joe's son, and the vaccination papers for dog Lily. The fellow came aboard, looked in the bathroom in case we were smuggling a Mexican, and got a big laugh from everyone when he asked if we "had over $10,000 in cash" with us. This trip, like most, cost a lot more than we'd estimated, and I'm glad Obama and his merry men decided to cover our social security checks next week.

The gas station about 100 feet from U.S. Cusoms had a big sign showing prices in comparison to those just a block north in Canada. One liter Canadian: $1.35, One liter U.S. $1. And, a few miles down the road it was even cheaper, I filled up for $3.72 a gallon, and it was a thrill, early that morning I'd paid about $5.50 in Canada.

We crossed over into New Hampshire after dark, showing up in my son Glenn's driveway in Nashua about 10 PM. A quick leveling of the RV, a fill of our empty water tank, and a late night "National Lampoon Christmas Vacation Cousin Eddy" dumping of the grey water down the sloping driveway and the curb for half a block, and I headed for bed. Adding that "Family Dollar Store" cheap lemon-scented ammonia to the grey water tank really works, no neighborhood lights came on, nobody yelled "what the Hell is that smell???". and by morning, all evidence of moisture was gone with the wind.

For you non-motorhomers, "grey water" comes from the sinks and tub and can have a bit of a noxious odor to it, unless you pour in some grey water treatment now and then at $6 bucks a quart. Or, pay a buck and a quarter for a half-gallon of lemon-scented ammonia at the dollar store, it's basically the same thing. And no, I didn't dump the "black water tank" that holds about 40 gallons of that special stuff from the toilet.

I can't wait to get home to Minnesota to buy a gallon of milk at Aldi's for $2.79, they're almost giving it way after we paid $8 a gallon in Newfoundland. And, the next stop will be the municipal liquor store, where I'll giggle as I buy a bottle of my favorite spirits for $10 bucks, compared to the $26 back in Stephenville. I'm filling up my empty Newfoundland "Screech" rum bottle with the Princeton stuff, and guests will never know the difference, both come from the same distillery in Puerto Rico.

Looks like we'll be here until tomorrow (Saturday) before heading back to Minnesota.

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