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A bear crossing the road between the campground & Stewart (in town).

Stewart across Portland Canal (Ocean Fjord)

Ship loading conveyor.

Bridge to nowhere. Unfinished boardwalk with the tide out.

Logs being floated in Portland Channel.

Other side of the border from Stewart, BC

Famous Glacier Inn, bar & restaurant.Hyderized is a drink of unknown ingridients.

The bar.

Picture of JFK among hundreds of dollars on the wall.

A requirement, seafood omelet, one reason we came here.

The backwall with more dollars.

Closed. Very active ghost town.


Self explanatory.


Yet another.

Those bikers know how to have fun.


Main street.

Bear leftovers.

Salmon spawning.

Not sure what these guys were doing.

More fish.

Salmon Glacier from a distance.

Salmon Glacier up close.

Panoramic. Absolutely amazing.

Tourist at the glacier.

Can you find the helicopter in the Mt.

The river flowing away from the glacier.


Following the glacier down.

The road to the glacier, 17 miles of it.

Large mining operation along the road.

At the bottom of the mine, YUK!

Highly recomended Bus eatery in Hyder.

One of thier specialties, Dungness Crab. The Halibut is also very good.

The remnants.

We are so glad we decided to check out Hyder, Alaska. It is actually a ghost town. The main attractions is Salmon Glacier and the Bear Viewing. We spoke to many travelers who said we shouldn't miss the 'Hyder' experience.

You have to drive through Stewart, BC to get to Hyder. They are actually like two subdivisions side by side. You do not go through customs on the US side. When you return to Stewart you have to go through Canadian Customs. We had no problems, they were actually more thorough than other border crossings. We were always confused...are we in Alaska or Canada? The only place you could go in the town of Hyder is Salmon Glacier or to the USFS bear viewing platform. Maybe it was because of Dave's general store in Hyder. He sold tobacco, firearms and tee shirts you don't want your kids to read. He is only open when he wants to be.

If you have ever been to Ouray, Colorado, Hyder is something like it. Surrounded by mountains. Wherever you look you look up at the mountains.

We didn't see bears at the viewing platform (only in town near the campground) just salmon remnants of them being there. You could watch the Salmon spawning. The females were laying eggs and the male would swim over them to fertilize. They were usually four to the group and they stayed in one spot for hours.

We drove up to Salmon Glacier. I know we said we thought we were glaciered out, however, this is one you should NOT miss. It's a 17 mile drive up the mountain. You are actually looking down onto the Glacier. It's breathtaking. Words do not describe it. We did our best with the pictures. So glad we made the trip here.

Two places to eat in Hyder. We read about the 'Blue Bus' on another blog. It is actually a school bus converted to a kitchen. They only cook a couple orders at one time. The rules are to not to be in a hurry and to relax. We tried the Dungeness Crab and loved it! Then there is the Glacier Inn. The seafood omelet was recommended and tried. Also very good. We were told to get 'Hyderized' and passed on that. It's a drink that is not explained. Something like 'white lightning'.

Mileage: 34310 (haven't posted it for a while)

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