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Sarah and Jeff enjoy a lobster dinner.

Cousins Mary, Hazel, and Edna.

We stayed in Uncle Stan's driveway the last night.

Getting onboard for the trip south to catch the ferry.


The city of Stephenville from Google Earth.

Our last couple of days in Stephenville were spent visiting with relatives and seeing the sights one more time. Hazel has lots of relatives still living in the area, her aunt Ria, uncles Fintan and Stan, and several cousins, including Patsy, Mary, and Edna. On Monday, we said goodbye to those living right in Stephenville, loaded up the motorhome and drove the few miles to Clear Brook where uncle Stan and his wife Joan have a nice home in the country. Stan hunts moose every Fall right behind his house, and generally gets one.

I parked the motorhome right in Stan's driveway and plugged into his 15 amp outside socket, providing plenty of power, with the weather being cool enough to not need the air conditioner. Joan fixed us a delicious spaghetti dinner, and we sat around a campfire in the backyard and talked. Stan built a rather unique firepit using the drum from a washing machine, and it works perfectly for the job, with all the holes for spinning out the water providing good air circulation, especially with the pipe legs welded on the bottom. He's made up several for friends in the area.

This morning (Tuesday) we said farewell, posed for some photos, and headed South towards Port au Basque. Our ferry reservations aren't until Wednesday evening, so we want to stop at an RV park Stan told us about along the way.

Stephenville is a great place to come home to. The grandparent's house Hazel grew up in is gone, destroyed in a fire years ago when a couple of young relatives decided to have a campfire in the attic, but the replacement one is still there, and Hazel considers it home. In 1941, Hazel's grandfather sold enough land the the U.S. government for the Ernest Harmon Air Force Base, used as a jumping-off point during World War II and afterwards as a jet base until it was closed in 1966. You can read all about the history of the airbase here.

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