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Ipanema beach with bad weather

Bodyboarder at Leblon 1

Surfer at Leblon 1

Bodyboarder at Leblon 2

Surfer at Leblon 2

Bodyboarder at Leblon 3

Bodyboarder at Leblon 4

Kid surfing at Apador, Ipanema

Coco and Copacabana

Well, have been in Rio for a couple of days now, but so far have been somewhat hampered by the crappy weather - it has pretty much be raining since I got here and although it is warm it is pretty unpleasant on the beach. It looked today like it was clearing, so maybe it will be good tomorrow. I am also trying to find a place to watch the Lions match, with very little luck so far - although did manage to find 2 Irish pubs within 2 blocks of the hostel I am staying at - pretty funny drinking Guiness in Brazil!

So given that my travels are drawing to a close, and that I have a bit of time on my hands may be worth stating that MacIvor is not the only one to find many uses for duct tap. During my travels I have used several rolls, including to fix:

1. Holes in pack

2. Fix camel pack tube to day pack

3. Case for IPOD / battery pack

4. Alarm clock

5. Snowboarding pants

6. Snowboarding jacket

7. Snowboard

8. Teva sandals (so much for being indestructable!)

9. My heel (rubbing from Teva repairs)

10. Friend's torch

Amongst a wealth of other purposes that I can't remember right now!

Right, back to Rio - assuming that I get some reasonable weather in the next 10 days, I want to spend plenty of time on the beach, sightsee the Cristo Redemptor (Christ the Redeemer) statue and sugar loaf mountain, and go around to Copacabana. Also want to go on a favalea tour (through some of the dodgy slums in this city, of which there are plenty...).

Also worked out today that I have spent over 95 hours on buses in the last few weeks - and on this basis am certainly not keen to go anywhere else by bus! Even though they are pretty flash - like the inside of a lear jet at times - it is good to know I am not going to have to pack up again for a couple of weeks.

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