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Ric talks, this is what happens after a while.

Sorry for no photos, we missed several opportunities and there much to see in the middle of the river. There are a couple of vids, but there is a 5 a month limit, will try and add them in 3/4 weeks time.

Anyway, we struggled a little more in Tabatinga to get our boat (being bigger and hotter) but once found we were again set. The Brazilian police thought otherwise. This was the first time we actually had our bags completely searched and not just us, but everyone. Everyones bags were taken completely apart, which for us back packers (including a couple of others) made it silly as we had a ton of stuff highly compressed. We are getting the feeling that Brazil has a much higher security (including England)than anywhere we have been and possibly anywhere we might go to from here.

Once aboard the Fernandes, our much more expensive cabin greeted us with a private bathrrom (smelly), air-con and much bigger floor space. However, this had no windows so in a way we already were starting to miss the cramped hot windowed cabin of the Aquiles.

We did put up the one hammock we brought with us though, so we had a more genuine feel this time round.

Aboard with us this time were some more backpackers, so we had a bit more conversation. Including a Dutch-man who had also been to Peru and agreed completely with us on their horrible attitude.

This trip was less exciting, the food was very repetative being served chicken or beef with beans noodles/rice for both lunch and dinner. We didnt know about breakfast because all the meals were served 3 hours too early and we were not getting up at 5.30 for breakfast when lunch is at 10! We were rewarded on the last meal with chips though (nice ones) so qudos there.

We didnt see too much and missed much more. On the way we saw several parrots flying across, we also saw what looked like an oriole snake swimming clearly right by us and at the meeting of the two rivers (one clean the other brown) we saw a brief river dolphin. This however did mean that whilst we were watching wildlife we missed one of the passengers, a Russian be randomly checked and arrested, we dont know any of the whys, but I guess dolphins make up for it. We apparently also missed a funny, yet alarming incident where a man was trying to get illegal fish into the boat and got capsized in the process. Again, we missed it, so no more info here.

Unfortunately as we got on the first boats with no real pause, as we predicted our 10 day journey only actually lasted us 5 days, so we are here in Manaus for the next 2 weeks. Lets see what we can do.

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