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Saturday - Another exciting day today, just more laundry and cleaning. Other than that not much is happening at all.

Sunday - Spent most of this afternoon on the computer looking for work and talking to mum on msn messanger (she is getting so clever on the computer now). At 5pm I got some good news, I was sucessful in purchasing 2 tickets to Lords for the first Ashes Test match. So if any one back home wants to go I will give you a weeks accomodation and the ticket for $1000, (this way I might get some money back).

Monday - After contacting the man with the Ashes tickets and arranging to hand over the Gross Domestic Product of a small country, I received the best news that I had received for a while (since I found out my car had sold, thanks mum and dad) A JOB!!! I was at the office at 12.30pm and soon realised that it will be a great place to work for the next week or so. The office would have about 30 employees and it has a great vibe. It is in Mayfair (and for the monopoly buffs) it is one street from Park Lane.

(Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday) - Work, Work, Work, and enjoying it. Its good to do something other than sit and watch TV all day (as easy as that is).

Friday - Work again, and I have found out that I will be needed for at least a few days next week, (maybe I will get back the money for the ashes tickets). After work, a group of staff members went for a drink, and seeing it would be rude to decline the invatation I went along (or maybe it was just that I was hanging out for a big night out) :) After the first port of call we lost most of the staff members and it was just two Ladies from the office and me, so they were going to "initiate" me into London culture. Well about 6 hours later and 3 or 4 places we all agreed it was time to go home. After a long, hot and crowded bus ride home, it was a great end to a great week. Hopeing its not the last good night out in London!

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