Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Arlene, Glenn and moi

The Fosdick mansion

Saying good bye

She didn't reply

Shipping out

Heading home?


Nice campground for three days

Well we are still in Omaha Nebraska and we are leaving this morning after a wonderful visit with Glenn and Arlene. Some notable highlights of our stay include Shirley's 2nd ER visit on our trip. She has bronchitis and needed fluids and meds. She is on the mend now. Glenn, Arlene and I went to see an excellent movie, Paris at midnight. I would recommend to anyone to see. Glenn and I went to the Strategic Air Command Museum that was neat too. Mom Arlene took us kids to get haircuts and said IF we were good we could get ice cream! And we were. Yesterday we took in the history museum in Omaha which is in the old railroad station. The station has been refurbished to look just as it did at war time. Really very nice and the exhibits were excellent too. We got a glimpse of how Omaha began and grew to where it is today. Topped everything off with a great steak dinner. Hitting the road again further west. Enjoy the pics.

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