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entrance to Black Creek Preserve

See? It says so - except the second C is missing!

suspension bridge that doesn't sway over Black Creek

a marina on the East side of the Hudson

What kind of insect is this? It's a katydid!!!

Esopus Lighthouse

It warns boaters of the shallow water on the west side of...

I'm standing at entrance to Esopus Meadows Preserve in Esopus, NY

we watched each other as I passed by

nice picnic area after a long hike!

oh - meant as a place for non-motorized boats to come ashore

cormorants I think in the Hudson

loved this resting bench in Esopus Meadows Preserve

Today I hiked in Black Creek Preserve and in Esopus Meadows Preserve. I visited the Esopus Town Library and Lighthouse Park. All this was done as a quest to find many letterboxes. I found lots but I think there are more to be found. Dot showed me Black Creek Preserve earlier this year and I had the clues to one letterbox here, but we didn't find it. I didn't find that one today either but have heard that it's there - in a stone wall - behind a rock near one that looks like a car without wheels and another one that looks like a brown diamond. lots of diamond-shaped rocks and a car without wheels is basically a rectangle!

I did find a couple of mystery boxes, so that was exciting. Not many people think to look for clues to that kind of box. I lost my orienteering compass for a time and I need that in order to walk 17 paces at 110 degrees and other such angles! turns out I left it on a rock at that dreaded stone wall! glad I found it!

Esopus Meadows Preserve isn't all meadows - in fact most of it is woods on a hill by the river, just like Black Creek is! But the ground is easier to walk over - not so many rocks and roots trying to trip a person up! I found all the letterboxes in this preserve today, but I like it and may go back. At the furthest end, there's a meadow on the river with a gravel ramp and a pavilion with picnic tables and an outhouse! It is mostly for kayakers and canoers who need a rest while going along the Hudson. Hmmm, I wonder if Dot will do that with me! There was a small deer near the bathroom busy eating her dinner. She just looked at me and didn't run off as I passed by and took pictures! And I found the wierdest bug on a trail sign! Never saw such a thing with a very long feeler in front of his nose!

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