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Aluminum siding on our wood house does not do it justice

After only a short drive, we were just about at our campground near our old home town of Garrison, NY, when I caught a glimpse of a traffic alert on the side of the road. It said something about a weight limit ahead of 12 tons, but I was past it before I could see what road the weight limit was on and we were just about at a fork in the road. Buzz had been working with the GPS so hadn’t seen the sign, so I found a spot to pull over and he had to get out and walk back to the sign to see which direction the warning was for as Otto weighs in at about 16 tons. Naturally it was the direction we had planned to go, so it was a good thing we stopped to check. There was a fairly easy and quick detour, but when you are traveling in a vehicle that size it shows you had better pay attention to every sign.

We had been a little apprehensive about the campground we were headed to as the manager seemed rather disorganized, but when we got there he showed up right away, escorted us to our sight, and we could not have been happier. The sites were very roomy and the grounds were wide open with plenty of room for Suzie to play, and a nice little lake with sandy beach. Shortly after we arrived Buzz’s sister Linda arrived for the afternoon and it was really nice to be able to sit and talk; much as we love to see her kids and grandkids, it has been quite a while since we have had a chance to visit with just the 3 of us. We got hit with a little rain but then it cleared to a beautiful afternoon and evening.

The next day our older son Jim was supposed to drive up from NYC in his little MG for a round of golf at our old country club, but he does not drive that little car in the rain as the spray from the trucks makes visibility near impossible and the weather wasn’t looking too good. It was a good thing he didn’t drive as it rained off and on most of the day, eliminating our chance to replay one of our favorite courses. Garrison sits on the hills on the east side of the Hudson River overlooking West Point, and the views from the course are pretty spectacular. But Jim did come up on the train so we could get together and do a little tour of our old neighborhood; but the main reason he came, and the highlight of our day, was a chance to have pizza from Cold Spring Pizza for lunch. You know when you haven’t had something for a while (we moved from there 25 years ago), you always build something up in your mind as being just the best there is and then are sorely disappointed? Well, we weren’t; not one bit. It is still the best pizza we have ever had and if you ever happen to be in the area it is well worth a side trip.

We checked out the old house and the wonderful dirt road we lived on, then tried to remember who lived in all the houses up and down the street. The name of the road is the Old Albany Post Road and it is the original stage coach route out of New York for Albany. When we lived there they didn’t even bother to number the houses, but alas, technology has found it’s way to Garrison so now the houses are all numbered. The school has a beautiful new addition, and the parking lot at the train station has been paved, but other than that the town looks pretty much as it did back then.

From Garrison we head north to Lake George, NY for our family gathering the first week of August, so the next entry won’t be for a while. We are looking forward to staying put for a week or so, and relaxing with family we haven’t seen in a while; also a chance to spend some extended time with my parents. After Lake George we head west toward our workamping adventure in Michigan so we need to rest up – after all, going back to work could be tough!

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