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Louis der Ludwigmeister

A little sin and then repentence right down the street

View of Heidelberg from castle

Castle Moat

inside the castle

Inside the castle

Melissa and Svenja in Trier

old Roman wall that once surrounded Trier, oldest town in Germany

Enjoying a beer and toast to our friends from South America

saves time, no waiting for your next beer


View from our room in Trier

Knight preparing to sword fight at the faire

Connie, Svenja and Kathy on our wine tasting tour

wine country right outside Trier (Moselle River Region)

in Cologne

in Cologne

Dinner at Trevor and Tina's apartment

Melissa and Trevor enjoying the streets of Cologne (Hi Pam!)

Great Cathedral in Cologne

Inside Cathedral

Beautiful stained glass windows

The City of Lubeck is a World Heritage Site (UNESCO)

Yes, this is the famous gate in Lubeck, unfortunately it's covered for...

Sanssouci park in Potsdam, only a small portion of the gardens

more of the park

outside of the Chinese Haus in Sanssouci park

The Grand Palace in the Sanssouci Park

Other wings of palace

Now that I have gotten off my ass and stopped slacking, I can tell you these last five cities were absolutely beautiful. We spent four days in Heidelberg which is like being in the older part of Europe with a huge castle with a moat overlooking the city.

The next location, Trier, we met up with a young woman, Svenja, who we spent 45 days with in South America. The first night Melissa and Svenja went to a bar-b-que and then out dancing to the wee hours of the morning. She gave us a tour of her city and then we spent that evening in a local beer garden having dinner and talking about all the friends we made on our 45 day trek from Peru to Brazil. Now I thought the beers were large when they bought them to your table, but in this beer garden they actually serve a 5 liter glass of beer. Yes, we took a picture of it. Actually it's not an individual glass, but like a large pitcher of beer. Why waste time asking the barmaid for individual beer when you can just lean over and pour yourself another.

The next day we headed off for some wine tasting. Lynne you would have loved it. Actually I am sure when you visited Germany you enjoyed some of the same pleasures. The countryside was beautiful and we ended up in this little city along the Moselle river where they were having a festival. Very much like the Renaissance Faire at home, but these folks were really dressed up. We're talking the armor, swords and actual sword fights. Mark and Rick you guys would have loved it. We ended the day at this local winetasting establishment along the Moselle River which is famous for it's Reisling wine. Luckily the sun doesn't set here until 10:00 pm or later, so it was a long lazy evening of wine tasting and munching on great cheese.

We then had four days in Cologne which has the largest cathedral in all of Germany. Melissa's Master's advisor, Trevor, is living there at the moment so we got to meet up with him and for Melissa and him to go over a paper their working on. That evening we had dinner with Trevor, Tina and his sister. It was great to eat a homecooked meal again.

We then headed off to Lubeck for two days. Unfortunately for us the famous gate we went to see was in the process of being restored and was completely covered in scaffling. We spent our last night in the beautiful little town of Potsdam which has a beautiful palace and gardens. We loved our time in Germany and the friends we got to spend time with. Now we are off to Poland to meet up with Beata in Warsaw.

P.S. Happy 4th of July to everyone back home!

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