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As most of you know, Jim, Billy and I are off on a great adventure. We left Green Valley this morning at 7:15AM. Those of you who REALLY know me, knows that was really a hard thing for me.

Up, showered, dressed, Billy taken care of, etc.

I had to load the cold food this morning, unplug all the electronics, etc. AND all while having a panic attack. I was, am, is, very concerned about dragging the car along behind the 5th wheel. I will say that for the most part, it is working well. Jim even said that I had not yelled at him to much today.

We drove to Kingman, Az and are staying in an RV park called Blake Ranch RV Park and Horse Motel. It is about 12 miles east of Kingman on Highway 40. It is quite large so we did not have to unhook the car to get into a spot. However, we did have to unhook the truck so he could go get diesel. The station did not give us room to make the turn. That is ok, cause at the moment Jim is in Kingman, going to an RV repair place and Home Depot. The wire to the car that controls the lights got broken and a part on our toilet broke so when he turned on the water, it was going everywhere. FUN! At least it was clean water. So he gets to go get parts, etc. We have a short day tomorrow so we don't have to leave here at the crack of dawn. At this time we cannot have water to the RV so just drinking bottled and directly from the hose hookup. Towels are drying outside.

The RV park gave us a coupon for the buffet at the truck stop restaurant. For $5.50 all you can eat, I am not cooking!

I will be on the internet when we can get it so keep in touch. I will let you know how our adventure goes.

Tomorrow we will be spending the night in Beatty, Nevada at the Beatty RV Park on highway 95. Put pins in your maps. I will try and take pictures of places and send them along.

It is 4:30 and 88 degrees. Windy but nice. All the windows are open and the fans are on.

OK, I need to hook up the TV now. I would love to take a nap, but it is too late for that today.

More tomorrow.

If any of you want off the list, let me know.


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