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in our sexy wetsuits!

half way up the hill looking down onto picnic bay

the wreck in picnic bay at low water

since ive been away from the internet ive been writing the entries inmy wee travel diary so i dont forget to tel you all anything!

friday 22nd july - when i finally managed to drag pete out of bed we wlked to nelly bay s wecould use up some more internet time and try and gget a few things sorted. we then walked back for some lunch before grabbing ur wetsuits and snorkels and headed over the hill to the beginning of nelly bay to do some snorkelling on the fringing reef - we had a great time! saw lots of fish and a crazy big black spikey urchin with what looked like bright blue and orange lights on! we then spent the rest of the afternoon lying in the sun drying offad playing pictinary in the sand!

we then headed home for tea - mint lamb chops! it seems that meat here is a good price and very tasty! after tea we went for a little walk down on the beach at picnic bay wherei collected some shells to add to my collection from snorkelling earlier on. we caught a film on the telly - about schmidt - which was quit good!

sturday 23rd - today we walked a bit further and did the 6 km walk to geoffrey bay in arcadia. i went into the dive shop to enquire about dies and i only need a die medical if im doing courses - all i have to do is phone up and book a dive! we then walked back down to the beach at geoffrey bay - sadly there was a dead turtle - a guy told us it was the 8th one since the cyclone ripped all the sea grass so they have nothing to ea! :( at the end of the beach we stopped and had some lunch before snorkelling. we saw lots of fish - pete spotted a strange little fish hiding in a hole and we also found a black and whit eel guarding his little crevice! we then headed back to the beach to dry off befre setting off back home for BBQ chicken dinner!

sundat 24th - lay day today! did some sunbathing by the pool - just listening to music and reading. after lunch ( and the shade had covered the pool) we went down to do a little sunbating at the beach. we saw on the news at night about what happened in norway and just cant believe it.

so its been a busy few days but we are having a lovely tim! hopefully will get some photos up for you all tomorrow!!! speak soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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