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So today for breakfast I got a little adventurous and opted for soup instead of eggs. So Vietnamese. Then we had to pack our bags and get ready for the long bumpy bus ride back to Hoa An (pronounced hoy (like in Spanish) ann, learned this weekend I had been pronouncing it wrong all time). We went to the street market first though. This market was nothing special and I did not get anything but some popcorn.

The bus ride was uneventful, 2 Vietnamese coaches got sick again. We stopped halfway at the same supermarket we stopped at on Friday for lunch. The place had a little café for lunch and they had “western” food, which was exciting. Most of us ordered pizza. The pizza was nothing special, some people just picked the cheese and ate that. I don’t eat pizza too often though, so I thought it was very good, just greasy.

Pretty uneventful lunch, and uncomfortable bus ride after. The grease from lunch did not sit well in our stomachs but we were all ok.

Dinner back at the site was alright. I was not that interested in the Vietnamese food tonight, I have sort of gotten to a point where I am sick of it.

After dinner I went on a run though because it had cooled off quite a bit and wasn't too humid. Too bad the sun was just about to set, I probably should not of gone on my run, but I really wanted too. So, I went anyways, and of course, typical me, I fell. I tripped on a root or something, I don't know there's lots of things in that jungle area. I brushed the dirt off and then ran as fast as my bum knee and the terrain would allow afraid of the unknown. When I got back I noticed I had some really gross looking, black, tadpole-like worms on my legs. I screamed for a few seconds and started swatting them off. Then I took a shower and found a few more on my legs and freaked out again and used my towel to get the rest off. Then I realized my leg was bleeding. Not really sure what those bug things were, but I feel fine so it is fine.

I got kind of burnt this weekend at the beach so I am a little uncomfortable right now but it is manageable, and so worth it. I bought oreos at the supermarket today when we stopped for lunch so I guess I'll eat those for dinner now. I could use some comfort food after my traumatic run.

Alicia is now sick. She has a slight fever and is just absolutely miserable. I feel really bad for her, we gave her some melatonin so she can sleep through the night and hopefully be better in the morning.

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