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Sorry, no photos again, just another rant. Jen and Ric are both in agreement that Peru does not seem like a place worth visiting. It certainly does have a varied landscape, from desert coasts, high Andean mountains all the way to where we are which is the hot humid climate of the Amazon rain forest. But, most people would say that it is the people and its culture that make a country and for this Peru should be avoided. All across these varied landscapes we have come across the same sort of people, the sort who would stand in your face trying to push his brothers/fathers/cousins tour onto us. People who could seem happy to see our custom, turn their backs and seemingly dont care we want to actually buy something. Questions pushed aside in favour of more tours. Today pushed us over though, we had not one but two visits at our hostel from our Taxi driver (of all people) asking if we wanted to go on this tour, when we had shown no real interest. He even found us on the street whilst we were going for an exploratory walk, pushing more expensive 3 day tours. We fear he thinks he can come see us tomorrow to see if we have made our minds. It seems silly, but we think a straight forward no is order, how un-English of us.

To cut it short, Peru is beautiful and its people know it. There are similar places with better feeling (try Honduras), go there instead.

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