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Breakfast in Can Tho last weekend

Best pedicures in Can Tho

Girl showing us her dorm at Can Tho

Keith and I teaching orange team physics



Literally. Laura called a doctor about my sickness and he said that I definitely have a case of dehydration and my body is taking a while to recover and start accepting the nutrients and things I need, I guess. Whatever, it makes sense to me, and I don't care what it is as long as I feel better ASAP. Too bad we ran out of the propel packets Laura gave us yesterday. Everyone loved them, they just helped us all tolerate the sun a lot better. Ashley has electrolyte packets that are literally just packets of salt so you need things like propel packets to mix them with, but we don't have any. So, today I guess I will be drinking salt water in order to become hydrated.

Today is the last day of lessons here - thank god, and Friday will be a breeze. It will be competition day again and then we head to the beach.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful at camp and just in general. However, the people at the site did cook us pasta for dinner again which as perfect since its a simple food I am used too so I was able to stomach some.

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