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The tree seen from the tower (upside down)

One of the longer straight lines from the Mirador, going who knows...

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So, after Cuzco, we went straight onto Nazca where the famous lines in the desert are. Stretching for miles and miles across a specific patch of the desert. Instead of paying the hundreds of pounds to do a 30 min fly over, we grabbed a 75p bus and walked up a slope called "the Mirador" and a tower 2km away to get a rough idea of whats going on. They accidentally built a highway across one of the animals (a lizard who now has no tail). All veryinteresting, but the highlight was in the evening where we went to see a planetarium based on lines and what meanings could come from them. Not much it seemed because when you have over 10,000 lines its very easy to draw any conclusion, although apparently about 30% seem related to water and their sources (being a desert could be the most likely)

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