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First, an update on JC. Tuesday, the 12th, he received his first chemo. The procedure is referred to as an infusion. He was given a healthy dose of Benadryl first. The intent is to stave off any allergic reaction and generally relax him. He definitely went into la la land. He was fighting to stay awake.

After 30 minutes, the infusion was started and went on for 2 hours. He was in a nice comfortable chair and took a long nap. We then had to wait another hour to make sure his body tolerated the chemicals. Which it seemed to handle just fine.

We went back to the Elks Lodge, packed up and moved to the Sweetgrass B & B small RV park. As I mentioned before, we had trouble leveling the rig. We are very heavy and the spot available to us was going downhill favoring the left side. In the meantime, JC probably over did it, with having to move and trying to get us level with boards and such. By 5 pm, he was feeling very fatigued. We decided to quit for the day, grab something to eat at the restaurant adjoining the B & B called Shipwreck Lee's Bar & Grill, and tackle leveling the next day.

Besides not being able to stay awake during dinner, JC's temperature started rising. We had instructions to take him to the emergency room if his temperature rose to 100.5.

By the time we recognized that he really was running a fever and got him to the emergency room, his temperature was 102.6. Yikes.

After numerous tests, it was determined he did not have any kind of infection. Normally, an infection of some sort would be the culprit for the fever. He was given some Tylenol which helped a lot to bring his temperature down and make him feel better. The emergency room also gave him a shot of anti-biodics.

We went in the next day to see the medical oncologist. After a throat culture was determined to be just fine, we went home, took some Tylenol and he was fine by the next morning. Everybody is different. Maybe this is his unique side effect. I'm just glad he is better. His next chemo is next Tuesday, the 19th.

After the doctors visit, we ran errands. First we needed to buy some prepaid cell phone with Verizon as the carrier. Our AT&T iPhones just do not work in much of this area. That became another challenge. The first Verizon store had phones but they had been previously purchased or something, so they could not get them processed. The next store was a Verizon corporate store. They did not have any to sell. A little bird told us to go to Best Buy or Target and we would probably find what we were looking for.

Best Buy had what we wanted and they saved us $25 each because they did not charge us an activation fee. They also got the phones activated for us. Then we call forwarded our iPhone numbers to the new Verizon phones so one has to learn a new phone number for us. :>)

We dropped off our bicycles for a much needed tune-up. Picked up the mail. Picked up the motorcycle from the Elks Lodge. (We had left it behind when we moved.) Stopped at the Honda dealer to order some cometic trim we broke on the road somewhere. And, finally headed home to tackle leveling the coach.

To shorten the leveling story, JC finally got a hold of some substantial boards which allowed him build a more stable high base to raise us. We finally were successful by Saturday morning. What a marathon!

Friday and Saturday we took time out for some motorcycle riding in the beautiful Black Hills. We have determined, the Black Hills is probably our favorite or close to our most favorite place we have been to in our travels to-date. We still have 25 more states to visit.

Saturday, was the first day that high temperatures really hit the area with a vengeance. And, it is going to get worse before better. 96 degrees Saturday with a predicted 102 for Sunday and Monday.

To continue our saga, Friday we discovered the refrigerator was leaking some water into the coach. After some investigation, JC found our water line for the water dispenser and ice maker in the back of the refrigerator (outside) had developed one or two pin holes which was spraying water. This channeled the water down the walls to drip in one corner.

We have had this hose repaired once before with a plug. So we bought "a plug" from a local hardware store installed it and thought we were good to go. Well, Saturday night about 1 am, I was awakened by the sound of running water. Yup, you guessed it, the plug did not hold. The water accumulated and was no longer dripping, but it was gushing on its way to flooding the inside of the coach, and shorted out the refrigerator. We turned off the water and went back to bed. There is not much that can be done in the middle of the night.

So now it is Sunday. There are no repair shops open on Sunday. However, one did call us back and we made an appointment to bring the rig in on Monday morning. In the meantime, JC hit another hardware store and picked up the exact part he needed. There was plenty of slack hose. He cut out the bad spot(s), installed the new connector and we had water again. A couple of hours later, I tried the refrigerator again and IT WAS WORKING!

We had purchased tickets to the Black Hills Playhouse to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. So being cautious, we turned the water off, went to a very energetic summer playhouse show. And, and....the refrigerator was still working when we got home. We cancelled the repair shop appointment, retrieved our food from the Shipwrecks walk-in freezer, took a big breath and sighed a very big sigh of relief.

So I just have wonder who is messing with us. LOL In retrospect, in our 4 years on the road we have had relatively few problems. (Knock on wood). So I consider us probably due. And, that means we are done for a while, right!?

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