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View along Alaska Highway in the Yukon

Church in Haines Junction

Church in Haines Junction

Flowers in Haines Junction

Haines Junction "Artwork"

One Lane Road north of Destruction Bay

Panning for the Mother Lode


We still have our watches on Alberta, Canada time so we are up an hour earlier than the locals. This helps get us on the road before everyone else.

Our first stop was in Haines Junction, Yukon. Our Lady of the Way Catholic Mission was built in 1943 by Father Morriset, the first Catholic priest to preach the gospel in the area. Resources were scarce and Father Morriset ingeniously converted an old quanset hut, which had been used by the American Army during construction of the Alaska Highway, into the distinctively beautiful church you see.

The Village Monument, the 24-foot-high sculpture – nicknamed the Muffin – is said to be the most photographed spot in Haines Junction. Area wildlife is depicted in close to life-size detail on a sculptured mountain.

The road between Destruction Bay and the border of Alaska (about 120 miles) was grueling to say the least. The frost heaves made driving very slow and bumpy. We cannot imagine having to drive this road again. Considering the roads were in such bad shape we only saw one construction crew working ( two flaggers and two workers).

We had to stop in Burwash Landing to take this picture of the large gold pan for prospecting friends.

Wow, what a beautiful site the “Welcome to Alaska” sign was!! After 3000+ miles we finally made it!

At the US Customs, they asked about fruits, vegetables and meats. We had to turn over the tomatoes we had bought in Canada. They also wanted to know if we had more than $2000 in cash which we didn’t.

It was amazing how much better the roads were once we crossed the border into the US!!! We stopped for the night in a state park outside Tok, AK. It was 7pm by our watches which were still on Alberta time but now that we were in Alaska it was 5pm (we gained an hour in B.C. and another one in Alaska). Alaska is one hour earlier than Pacific time.

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