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Our room was fairly aired out this morning. After breakfast, we left the island aboard the ferry. I didn't go outside this time because I was typing up Friday's entry. We waited a while at the luggage pick-up area. Nick, Marie, and I played with sticks whilst we waited. We fenced and flicked and cast spells that had no effect. We broke each others sticks, but no one broke my Elder Wand. We got our luggage and piled onto the bus. We drove into the middle of Brisbane and got off the bus. We walked down the street a couple blocks to an opal store. At the opal store we listened to the lady at the counter tell us about opals and about the jewelry they are made into. She had three kangaroo and opal keychains for prizes for answering questions. I won the third keychain by answering three to the question of how many kinds of opal are mined in Australia. We also got to chose a piece of rock and split it open. We got to keep what was inside. Mine had little pieces of dark blue opal. After we finished in the opal store, we walked down to the Brisbane Mall to have lunch. I had a milkshake, ice cream and pancakes.

After that we drove a while to Underwater World, the aquarium where we would be sleeping tonight. We toured the rooms briefly before going down to the seal room. We watched several seals show off their tricks and abilities. One could balance a ball and wave and another could balance all its weight on one flipper and leap six feet up onto a rock. Then we went down to the shark tunnels and took the moving walkway around through the tunnel twice. There were big fish, sting rays, baby hammerheads, and large sharks. Soon we had dinner and then we split into two groups. My group went down to the quarantine area and saw some sea turtles recovering from eating or getting tangled in trash. There were also baby sharks and lionfish. We went to a concrete waist high wall over which we tossed the prawn we had been given. We got splashed as the large fish in the shark tank fought over it. Then we went back up and switched places with the other group. We went to the touch tank and felt the starfish and the various sponges.

Later, we got instructions on how to set up out sleeping bags and things and did so. The girls got the section of tunnel with the big sharks and stingrays because we had more people. The boys got baby hammerheads(haha!). We were all very tired by this point, but we were required to do a practice fire drill. Once we did that, we had a cookie and a chocolate drink before settling into bed. As I lay in my sleeping bag, I watched the sharks swim above me and the huge stingrays drift by. I watched the predators go by my head until I fell asleep.

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