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Arriving At Kjell's Cabin

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The Toblerone

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Where's His Helmet?

July 9, 2011

Saturday dawned with a threatening forecast on a day we had planned for on the shore of Lake Neuchatel. The sun disagreed with the forecast and burst through on our short drive to Lyss to pick James up at 10:00 a.m. Susann was staying home with Dylan and we left his always smiling face for the 30-minute drive to James’s boss, Kjell’s cabin on Lake Neuchatel. We arrived at the remote location to be met by Kjell’s son, Nils, a really great guy with lots of Kjell’s love of life about him.

Kjell’s cabin is a rare entity in Switzerland and is situated in a land conservancy with “grandfathered” ownership. Lake Neuchatel itself is an extremely busy recreational lake and we saw lots of boat traffic including large lake cruisers, sailboats, water-skiers and kayaks. Along one side of the property is what James calls “Toblerone”, WW II tank barricades that extend out into the lake to create an artificial breakwater and which helps to retain sand in front of the cabin.

Penny and I took on Nils and Brenda in a game of “Kubb”, a game similar to bocce except played with coloured blocks of wood. They were slaughtering us when Kjell bombastically arrived with happy greetings and he and James took over the kitchen to make our lunch. We were enjoying cool drinks in the shade when Kjell’s friend Mary from Gstaad showed up. She is an independently wealthy and eclectic lady who is a well-travelled British citizen residing in Gstaad, Switzerland. She regaled us with stories of skiing in the ‘70’s with Roman Polanski and provided Penny and Brenda with lots of travel advice for France and Tuscany.

James cooked a wonderful lunch of meat cooked over a coal barbeque and Kjell made delicious au gratin of vegetables which was complemented by tasty apricot chutney freshly made by Susann. We unfortunately didn’t have enough time to get out in the boat but we had a wonderful visit altogether and sadly took our leave at 4:00 to get James home in time for him and Susann to make a wedding dinner engagement. It was Brenda’s last chance at playing with Dylan before we left for Paris on Sunday and we bid them all fond farewell as Rosmarie arrived to babysit.

We returned to Rosmarie’s to pack up for our 7:00 a.m. departure on Sunday. Brenda was delighted to reach grandson Seth by phone to wish him a happy 13th birthday. We finished the evening with take away pizza for dinner as we tried to finish up our wine supply unsuccessfull

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