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Restaurant Traube With The Barn On The Right (Brenda In The Middle)

July 8, 2011

Penny and Brenda had decided to go on a shopping spree into Bern by train and their plan didn’t include me. I tried to hide my disappointment (kidding, of course) as I dropped them at the local Bahnhof (train station). Susann had provided a list of prime shopping stores and Rosmarie left train instructions before she headed off for a day at the office and babysitting later in the day.

In the meantime I put in a couple of hours catching up on my blog entries where I had fallen behind. Having caught up on a lot of our story, I returned to the Restaurant Traube in Schwadernau (fly swatter restaurant) for a late lunch. While I snacked on my ham sandwich and sipped my beer, I introduced myself to the chef/owner, Rudi. He was doing sound checks on his patio system and sang a beautiful German song that blew me away with his melodic voice.

I found out that Friday night at the Traube was a night for music and a sausage buffet. I told him I hoped to be able to persuade my ladies to return with me later for dinner and entertainment. By this time, I thought the girls would be back from their shopping trip and circled the Bahnhof a couple of times before spotting them getting off the 5:00 train. We had not made a clear plan for me to pick them up so they were very happy not to have to make the 15-minute walk back up the hill to Rosmarie’s after a full day of walking around Bern.

They had a great shopping day, finding a nice necklace and pendant for Rosmarie and some unique clothes and shoes for our trip to Paris and beyond…a very successful day, indeed. They were somewhat hesitant about my dinner suggestion for the Restaurant Traube but, after a couple of glasses of rosé and a nap, they signed up.

We arrived to find a great table on the patio and were a little concerned that most of the tables were empty. Rudi was using an outdoor cooker to fry large coils of country sausage and serving from a big pan of potato salad. We filled our plates with the sausage and potato salad along with a fine onion sauce and, as we dug in, the locals began to trickle in so that by the time we were finished, the patio was full. All the while Rudi was playing great CD’s of German music interspersed with some American oldies…we were delighted to hear “I Can Help” and “Green Door” in German.

With the local farmers crowding the patio along with the resident flies, we were reminded of some of our visits to the Cariboo country bars, substituting cowboys for farmers but with the same ambience and socializing. The ambience was further enhanced by the barn of cows immediately next door and the sensual wafting scent of manure (oh, that explains the flies!).

We returned to Rosmarie’s to find she had spent most of the day baby-sitting with Dylan in the afternoon and Tomas and Cordula’s kids, Tim and Maya in the evening so we missed her company as we enjoyed our nightcaps on her balcony.

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