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Great grandma JoAnn & Stetson

Susie, JoAnn & Stetson

On Friday, Susie and JoAnn piled into the car and were off to Birmingham to visit great grandson Stetson. He is doing well and made it out of the natal unit to his real home early in the week. Susie was anxious to see and hold him and took full advantage as did JoAnn. Momma and Papa are beside themselves and doting on the child where-possible.

Stetson is doing very well. He is now at home, alert and active yet his original due date is still a month off. He is gaining weight and will have Zeb and Christy well trained way ahead of schedule.

They arrived back home Saturday evening with Susie’s camera weighted down with pictures. Doug and Fillmore were able to spend a quite day together without feminine supervision.

Today was not quite so great because Doug slept through his night time feeding of medicines Friday night and this caused a chain reaction leaving him in a great deal of pain off and on yesterday and today. Hopefully he is rebalanced again. JoAnn got involved in planning our move back to PCB tomorrow. She is trying to determine what stuff is important enough to go back with us in the little Honda and what she can take on a separate trip later.

We have enjoyed our time in the country yet we look forward to the different life style of the beach community.

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