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We were able to have a lie in luckily on our morning of the day we headed to hue. This was nice as we had to take a bus, a boat and a bus to get back to Hanoi, then wait about 6 hours then get an overnight bus to Hue. And so far we haven't slept yet on a night bus! So a long day indeed!

We wanted a treat in hanoi and decided to go for KFC! So dissapointing! It didn't taste like KFC at home and was dry and monging! Our luck has still not returned! It was a long wait for the sleeper bus and as predicted neither of us slept. But at least we were laid down and comfortable.

We arrived in Hue at 6am and headed to our hostel. We waited 2 hours longer than we should have as they didnt tell us when the room was ready, but at least they gave us breakfast! We decided not to slepp but to have a look about and ended up having a meal and a few drinks in a local type bar and learning a bit of Vietnamese from the owner.

Sin Chao - Hello

Gam on - Thankyou

There was more but have forgotton now!

We were very tired the next day so decided on a pool day. Was a lovely relaxing day and we found a surprise too, scales! Chris lost a stone and Kat lost 3!! Woohoo! Easiest diet ever!

Sightseeing day the next day and we headed out nice and early. Adter a nose around the supermarket (always an enjoyable acticity!) we headed to the citadel. Within the sitadel is a walled palace, and within that a walled temple. They call it a citadel within a citadel within a citadel! The main city walls are the outside citadel. Alot of hue is within these walls and day to day life happens there. Then inside the walled palace is the attraction. Unfourtunaly most of the palce and walled temple with were bomed in the Vietnam war so not much remains, although they are restoring some of it. After the citadel we walked to the Thien Lu Pagoda. An eight sided pagoda that appears on many of Vietnams souvineers. Within the grounds there is a marble turtle, it is said if you pat the turtles head you will get good luck. Well after our bad luck with finding nice food, accomodation and the right directions lately we thought we'd better give it a good pat! Was a 4km walk back to ours and after dinner we slept very soundly.

Off to Hoi An tomorrow.

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