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Another 4am start to get on the bus to Hanoi!

Great scenery again, not high up but weaving between the mountains luckily! We arrived in Hanoi at a bus station miles from the city centre. Very annoying as spent half the bus fare again getting into town! It was raining hard when we got there but luckily we had a hostel booked and found it no problem. It was around 6pm when we got to our room!

Our new hostel had free beer from 7pm till 8pm so after dinner we headed to the bar. The free beer gave a great atmosphere and we got talking to loads of people. Was nice to get to bed though!

Our first whole day in Hanoi and we decided to head to the city centre lake, where there is a temple pagoda. Unfourtunalty when we left we confused north and south and east and west and went for around 40minutes in the wrong direction! When we finally found our bearings we made it to the lake! It was really nice, and the Pagoda was oicture perfect, although it seemed to be only a shop once we got onto it's island in the lake!

We went for late lunch ealry dinner in the curry house then headed to the hostel for free beer time! We met up with a few people stating in our room and all headed into town that eveinig.

The following day we headed out to do some shopping and check out a few restaurants and bars we wanted to goto that evening. In town we bumped into a couple of girls we met in Vientianne and all planned to meet up later. After a wander around we headed back to ours to change for the evening.

We met up with the others and went for dinner in a lovely vietnamese restaurant. We then headed to our main event, the water puppets show!! It was sooooo good! The little puppets floated on the water and told the story of traditional vietnamese life in the rice fields. There was fire and lights and spraying water, it was so much fun. It was nice to see the traditional instruments aswell as the puppets. A good evening had by all.

We met up with our freinds again the next day to go and see the man himself, Ho Chi Minh. He died in 1969 but he has been preserved and is in a mauseleum in the city. The whole rogmorol og queing to see him was as much of the experience as seeing him! A massive massive line snaking about a mile around the complex lead us to him. He is very well preserved and looks as though he might sit up and start talking to you! Whilst in there you musnt smile or snigger or talk, so of course, Kat got told off by the guards 3 times!! After seeing Ho we went around the rtest of the grounds containging his palace, summer house and a house on stilts he relaxed in. We decided to walk to another of the cities lakes after, and it was very hot! In front of the mauseleum is a 6 lane road that is not in use, it is more like a square, but was like walking accross a desert! We made it to the lake and had a well deserved rest! A taxi home was needed and after a few free beerios we were shattered!

We had a really lazy day the next day and hung around the hostel planning some more of our trip. Not much to tell as really did nothing! But the day after we headed to Hanoi waterpoark!!!!

We got a bus to the park and then went the wrong way and had to walk all around it twice to get to the entrance! Our luck with directions and good places to eat seems to have run out lately! We finally got in there though and it was great! a lazy river, racer slides, 2 x kamikazee slides, 2 x headfirst slides, 2 x twin tubing slides, 2 x twisters and a wave pool! We wen ton everything! Around the lazy river a massive group of vietnamese pulled us into a long snake, but Chris had his arm pulled and dislocated his shoulder. Only 9 times so far now! We stayed in the park all day and in the evening went out dancing wiht the staff from our hostel. Off to Cat Ba Island tomoroow to see Halong Bay!

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