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4am start today to head through the mountains to Vietnam.

Wow, the scenery was the mot breathtaking we have seen so far! As it was early morning once we were up in the mountains we could see the mist sitting inthe valleys as the sun rose. Around every bend was another spectacular view. The road was high, very very high, and very bendy also. We were in a small bus though so felt very safe. Until we got to the Loas exit border that it! When we left the immigration office we came to a hill. It looked just like a sandy hillside. We were not sure where we were going until we realised the sandy hillside was the road! A steamroller came around the side of the mountain and flattened out a path barely wider than the bus around the side! 50 metres of pure fear!! Along with driving along rivers and the very scary corners the bus was ok!! But a few kilometres from the town where we were going it broke down! Turns ou the axle had broken, and when they unloaded the people, our luggage and about 5 times the weight which the bus could carry in pig feed we realised why! Not ong and another bus got us to Dien Bien Phu.

The town itself was not very touristy, and the people stared intensly wt us. It was no thay comfortable, so we decided to leave the next day to head to Hanoi!!

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