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So off further into the mountains to head to our first stop on the way to the border, Udomxai.

The bus journey would have been uneventful, had the tyre not blown out, twice!!! Luckily a french guy on the bus was a mechanic and got things done quickly, as the Laos rule of thunmb is to take a very long time to do anything!! We really only had time to eat and find a room that day. Although Chris had time to kill Cyril the Cockrach in our room!!! :-(

We then had a day to go sightseeing in Udomxai. There really are only three sites. Two of them being at the top of hills sitting oppisite each other. The first was a temple on the south hill. Not high enough to have good views, but pretty. The steps up were a bit of a pain though! ANd the dogs on the way made us a little nervous after our previous encounter! Down the hill and up the north one next to see the town museum. The hill was the same size but we swear there were a few extra steps up this one! ANd the museum.....was closed! Down the other side of the hill was another temple. This one contained the tree of life! A real wooden tree trunk and branches, with meatl leaves attached and animal statues on it. Quite pretty. A mad looking monk took our photo, and when we asked some Laos ladies to taker our picture infront of the tree, the insisted on having there picture taken with chris! on our camera!

We played cards that eveing and for a treat we found a kitkat!!! First choclate since we got to asia, and you kmow what, it was rubbish! made for hotter climates! bleurgh!

The next day we headed to Muang Khua. No breakdowns, but the man at the front of the bus was sick, and it kept flying in the back windows!!! yuck! Some beutiful scenery on the way though. When we got there we found a guesthouse that had about 30 steps from the riverside up a cliff to it! Unfourtunatly not a great room but oh well.

The next day was ment to be a sightseeing day but unfourtunaly not a single sight in Mouang Khua! We spent the day getting a different hotel and playing cards!!

Off to Vietnam 2moro!!!

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