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Tim gets his first ride in Wandering Spirit.

After 8000 km., an oil change and checkup was in order.

This headstone marks the grave of my son Peter.

Warriors of all kinds invaded Horseshoe Valley today.

Late in the race, contestants have to climb a wall with nets...

The last leg is to crawl through this mud pit. Then you...

Tim's mom ready to run the race. I would like to have...

Tim and Jocelyn made a delicious breakfast, and then Tim and I set out for some adventures. Wandering Spirit was in need of an oil change after her sojourn to the USA, so we went to Just Lubes on Grove St. A young woman named Meagan looked after us, changing the oil and doing whatever else needed doing. She was concerned because the differential fluid was dirty, which it shouldn't have been because it was changed just before we left Alberta. Because it was Saturday and they were running with limited staff, I made arrangements to come back later to have that checked more thoroughly. I was impressed with the place -- it was clean, very well run, and the people seemed very serious and conscientious.

I wanted to see my son Peter's grave, so Tim and I headed over to Craighurst, where he is buried in the old churchyard of St John's Anglican Church. His grave has been there for over 22 years now, and doesn't look so new any more. I guess the grief isn't as new either, but it is still just as strong.

Tim's grandfather John, who is more commonly known as Pa, lives not far away at Horseshoe Valley, near a resort offering skiing, golf and other sports. The attraction at the resort today was the Warrior Dash. In one of only two Warrior Dash races in Canada, runners take on 12 intense obstacles over 3.24 miles of extreme terrain. They jump through fire, crawl through mud pits, climb over vehicles and work their way through nine additional grueling obstacles. Tim and I had a beer with his Pa, and then went over to watch. Tim's mom was planning to participate, but her start time was quite late, and we didn't stay that long.

From there, we drove back to Barrie, I gave Tim back to Jocelyn, and I went to Duckworth Plaza for the night.


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