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Our unexpected bus detour

We have made some good choices and then we have made bad choices. After arriving in Lima, we had some plans to visit south Peru and work our way back slowly. Somehow, we decieded it would be a good idea to visit the Bolivian salt flats, this has turned out to be a bad idea. Firstly, the bus companies in Lima are scattered and impossible to get a collected amount of information on. So, we managed to get a ticket from Lima to Cuzco, not as far as we would have liked, but we were getting tired and anything will do. This is where it started to go wrong. The only buses out of Cuzco left at 22.00hrs, which meant we had to kill 10hrs in Cuzco, which wasn´t too fad except it killed Ric´s legs. With this overnight bus meant that we arrived in Puno at 04.00hrs. What on earth is a bus arriving anywhere at 4.00 in the morning!?!?! It was meant to be a direct bus to Le Paz, so this unschedualed stop was quite alot to handle because we also had to change buses. So, feeling groggy as hell we waited another 3 hours to get a Bus that would take us to La Paz (Or so we though). As it turned out the bus we got on was only going as far as Cocapana (3 hours from Puno) where we were then forced to wait another hour dor a bud that was from a completely different company (we had paid for full bed seats as well). This non-direct bus then spent the next 6 hours winding its way through however many towns (including a lake Titicaca crossing) to finally reach La Paz, in a completely random area of the city (not the main terminal as we had originally paid for (direct)). A taxi ride and only 1 hours more waiting saw us with a much better company and the final leg of our journey, which was 1 more 12 hour overnight bus to Uyuni, the local town next to these salt Flats which we plan to see tomorrow.

We knew that 3 days of slogging on buses would be hard, but we could have done without the hassal of a crappy bus company. For any one planning to visit Peru, never touch a bus company called TourPeru.

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