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A homestead near where we had lunch

Family working on the mahango (millet) crop

One of the children

A roadside tree

Entrance to Ngepi campsite

Bathroom door…

Leading to the bathroom!

His and hers toilets

The campsite was right next to the Okavango River

Sunrise on the Okavango River (It's 05.45!)

Taking a boat trip on the Okavango River

It went that way

My canoe moored on a sandbank

On the far side of the river a hippo makes its escape

An African Jacana perches on a floating hippo

Hippos are the animals responsible for most human deaths in Africa

We moor our boat by a Silver tree

Crossing the river on our way to a local village

The village of Kamutjango...

… has a number of modern conveniences

A villager holding her mobile phone

Our guide from the campsite – a village resident – showing home-ground...

We were invited to take photographs: a grandmother…

… and younger generations

Collecting water at the borehole

A boy looks on at the borehole

Crossing back over the causeway

A roadside nightclub

Okavango Panhandle: Travelling Along The Caprivi Strip


11 - 12 June 2011


St Petersburg: A Brief History


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