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4:15 am train attendant woke me up (i hadn't realised that I had slept at all). Train stopped at Vladamir, minibus took us to Suzdal.

Here we had breakfast in a local house which was fun. Suzdal is a largely unspoiled medeival town with many remaining wooden churches & buildings.

In evening returned to Helena's home where we had a typical Russian meal: salsd, Borscht, blini with minced meat stuffing. During the meal a series of vodka toastws were drunk:'to the group meeting here...', 'to health...'., 'to love...'.. By this time everyone was a bit merry. We had a little dancing & singing and another toast: 'To the beautiful girls present,,,,", "to the men...", "to the host....", etc..

We all got back to the hotel safely in spite of our hostess's wish to keep our only single guy, Martin to be her second husband!!!

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